Authentic travel is a medicine we could all use more of.

It’s a way to make meaning out of the fleeting time we have on earth, as we experience all the ways we’re bound together across hemispheres, languages, and cultures. My mission is to give my clients more of the “medicine” they deeply crave through hand-crafted itineraries that result in seamless, soul-stirring vacations.

Embrace your adventure.

Hello! I'm Donna Lee.

I believe that travel brings out the best in people; it brings out a spirit of generosity in the locals who share their cultures and customs with you, and a sense of curiosity (and adventure!) in yourself. And of course, it brings about an incredible sense of connection with your travel companions, as you explore and grow together.

My Story

Before founding my travel agency, I worked as a nurse for more than 40 years—including during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In my role, I saw the best of humanity, as family and friends rallied around their loved ones in their most desperate times of need.

I also saw the most heartbreaking; patients who met with unfortunate outcomes and were filled with regret over paths not taken and relationships not nurtured.

Part of my nursing career was spent as a traveling nurse, and when I wasn’t traveling for work I was traveling for pleasure. Travel became my “happy place,” whether I was diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or sipping thick Viennese coffee in an Austrian cafe. There was something so healing about disconnecting from the daily grind and embracing a different way of living—and making meaningful connections all along the way.  

Cultivating Connections One Journey at a Time

My nursing career and life-long love of travel have taught me one thing: we are wired for connection.

Through Donna Lee Travel, I help my clients fulfill that most essential need. I want you to live a life free of regret and full of beauty, belonging, and passion—and thoughtfully designed travel will allow you to do just that. Drawing on my project management skills and nurturing nature, I give my clients the gift of a journey crafted with care, where every detail is managed for you.

All you have to do is embark on an adventure with an open mind—so you can wholeheartedly embrace new connections, nurture your existing relationships, and shift your perspective on how wondrous our world can be.

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A Few of My Favorite ADVENTURES

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Traveling to St. Thomas with my sister—and returning years later after her wedding to our scuba instructor!


Wine tasting all around the world—I love the beauty of vineyards, the craft of winemaking, and of course the wines themselves


Traveling through our incredible U.S. National Parks


Enjoying Sacher torte and live musical performances in Austria


Chartering a private sail boat to explore the British Virgin Islands

For seamless travel that inspires.

Embark on an exceptional journey that goes far beyond the guidebooks (and what you can find on Google). My bespoke planning services will pair you with exclusive experiences tailored to your passions.

Travel authentically.

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